Introducing Roberto Coin Collections

Strongly tied to the values of traditional Italian artisanship, with an eye to experimentation and the new technologies, from 1996 Roberto Coin has been creating jewels that are true works of art, all signed with a precious ruby.

After 20 years outside of Italy, Roberto Coin returned to his roots in Vicenza; renowned as the city of gold. Recognising the unique allure and elegance that jewels can represent, Roberto began his new adventure and entrance in to the world of jewellery.

Taking inspiration from historical Italian artisans, Roberto Coin has had an influence on trends of the last few decades and his jewels are considered a unique mix of imagination, creativity and aesthetic sensitivity; true works of art. By creating 600 new models each year, Roberto Coin aims to dedicate a different design to suit your individuality.

Here we explore the Italian jewellery brands beautiful collections.

New-Barocco Collection

A much-loved collection, New Barocco is a modern reinterpretation of the brand’s historic Barocco line. We see a twisted gold thread wrap itself around white diamonds, creating symbolic details of light.

Pois-Moi Collection

Considered the most iconic, the Pois Moi collection is an incisive and elegant line from Roberto Coin, taking home the award for Best Italian Jewellery collection at the 2014 Palladio Awards. The collection comes in yellow, white and rose gold, as well as the Haute Couture edition, which is covered in an exclusive pave diamond setting. Inspired by the television shape of the 1950s, the collection is the perfect blend of vintage and contemporary styles.

Pois Mois ring

Princess Flower Collection

Roberto Coin’s creative universe would not be complete without a collection dedicated to the symbol par excellence of gifts and beauty.  The iconic shape of the Roberto Coin petals in the Princess Flower remains the same and is narrated in a variety of shades.  The necklaces and bracelets of the collection are filled with a multitude of flowers in various sizes that come in sequence as in a real flower garden.

Princess Flower Collection

 Symphony Collection:

A precious melody composed of 5 different notes to listen to with your eyes, with each Symphony piece reproducing the style of one of the iconic collections of the Roberto Coin brand. From the modern pattern of the Pois Moi collection and the majesty of Barocco to the peak with the light of the diamonds that distinguish the design inspired by the Princess collection.

Symphony Collection

The Secret Ruby

In keeping with the brand philosophy of adding a unique joy to the wearer, since 1996 Roberto Coin has set a small ruby hidden on the inside of their pieces, becoming the brands signature mark. Believed to bring the wearer prosperity, happiness and longevity, the direct skin contact with the ruby is said to transfer these powers to the wearer, as a secret gift of good wishes.

The Roberto Coin collections are now available in boutiques, with the full collection available online.